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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I do/do not condone animal torture (check one)

In theory, I am against animal torture. In practice, I cannot resist making Dexter wait until I give him the ok to eat. It was an especially long wait this morning, as I was trying to get a picture.

Not visible: The pool of drool collecting between Dex's paws, which I will slip in on my way out of the house.

Barely visible: The thread of drool hanging from Dex's jowls.

Embarassingly visible: The dirty couch corner peeking from underneath the slipcover, and the bookcase shelf I put in upside down because I was drunk during its construction.


Dingo said...

He's going to have his revenge. He's going to eat that couch corner while you are at work.

Tiff said...

Your dogs are so precious.

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