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Monday, September 29, 2008

Arr, pirate bars!

Let me preface this post by saying I don't only take the dogs to bars. We go other places, too. Like the beach, the lake, charity dog walks, etc. But it's much easier to take pictures of your dogs when they are 6 feet away from you being cute while you enjoy a beer than it is to take a picture of them while you are swimming away from them and trying not to drown. Also the dogs are like my kids, and while it's frowned upon to bring your kids to the bar, people seem to really enjoy having Bad Mutha Fudruckers at the bar.

Dex made it back safe and sound on Friday. He had a great weekend with his mom, road tripping and hanging out with Other Ernie, Danielle's mom's chihuahua. To celebrate his return, we took the boys to The Barbary Coast, a little hole in the wall bar downtown that is Dex and Ernie friendly. It's definately an interesting place; here are some examples of some of the art work:

Dex was totally in his element:

He even got "behind the bar" privledges:

Now all I've got to do is teach him to grab me a beer while he's back there.

Ernie doesn't have as much fun, because of the Loud Noises coming from the pool tables and the fact that I was constantly moving. He likes his special people to Stay Put where he can keep an eye on them so they Don't Escape.

But then no one had fun because Dex and Ernie got grounded for barking at dogs outside of the bar:

..and I couldn't play pool because I had to keep a close eye on these Mutha Fudruckers. So I took this picture:

Then it was time to go:

I got home and had pasta with meat sauce and dripped pasta sauce all over my shirt. I am a messy eater.


Kristen said...

Oh wow! I never get to bring my dog anywhere!

It's probably a good thing because I don't think I'd ever leave.

cccpups said...

Heck, if I took Cletus to a bar, I'd have too much to drink and he would be demanding my carkeys in front of EVERYBODY. Rotten sanctimonious little dog. I'll trade him for Dexter.

c.watson said...

This just makes me want a puppy, you are not helping

Nilsa S. said...

I wish ALL bars were dog friendly. Because our pup would love to come hang with us and our peeps whenever we go out. (Now that I read that comment, it makes me sound like I actually go out to bars still ... hahaha - that's a good one.)

saratogajean said...

kristen - It is kind of dangerous.
"Hey, should we leave?"
"Nah, the dogs are enjoying the AC"
(repeat 5 times)

cccpups - Luckily for me, the bar is within walking distance from the house (only 9 blocks), so nobody has to do those embarassing field sobriety tests.

c.watson - Sorry. Just think about puppy puddles. Not fun.

nilsa - Me too. Sometimes I wish I had mini-dogs so I could carry them with me everywhere. But then I'd be that girl, plus I'd probably break small dogs.

Kate said...

I want to live somewhere that I can take my cats with me. Only they wouldn't stay put. I want to live somewhere that if I had a hypothetical dog, he could come with me no matter where I go.

FrogDogz said...

Did you put him in front of the clown as punishment? If so, I'm calling animal control. Clown punishment is evil.

Dingo said...

Wow! That bar sounds great! They should make Dex and Ernie honorary mascots complete with eyepatch and sabers. Perhaps they were just telling those dogs outside to walk the plank?

The Writer said...

So where is this bar? Next time we're down I wanna go! Are they just Dex and Ernie friendly or do they allow Willies and Bears?

Happy wandering!

The Writer...and her dog, Bear

Maxie said...

Pirate bar! how cool- my dog would freak out if I tried to take him into a bar. He's so skiddish.

saratogajean said...

kate - I think you can take your hypothetical dog anywhere. Hypothetically, of course.

frogdogz - I know..he didn't seem too upset about it, though. He is more afraid of the pool cues than anything. Go figure.

dingo - My Halloween costume conundrum solved! Except I'm not so sure I'd trust them with sabers...

the writer - It's called the Barbary Coast and it's in downtown Wilmington. It's pretty dog-friendly across the board, so I'm sure Willies and Bears would be welcome.

maxie - We've got a few pirate bars in Wilmington; we're located right on the Cape Fear River.

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