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Monday, September 15, 2008

A Tragety, indeed

I actually wasn't sure I was going to get this picture; I saw it on my way home on Wednesday, and didn't stop until Friday, when I pulled into the parking lot and snapped a couple of pictures. I had a brief twinge of guilt, like maybe I should call the 87 year old church secretary and let her know about the misspell. My urge to be a good samaritan left me when I realized that I may never get this chance again in the age of spell check. Sure, I live in North Carolina, where the teachers are discouraged from teaching children anything other than what is necessary to pass annual "end-of-grade" tests. You'd think this kind of thing would happen all the time. It doesn't. Or if it does, I'm too busy writing down litter bugs' license plate numbers so I can report them to the DOT to notice.

I had several thoughts on my drive home from the Oak Grove Presbyterian Church. My first thought was that maybe it was all a clever ploy to get more butts in the pews. I mean, they got me half-way there--I was in the parking lot, albeit briefly. I also had a procrastinator's jealousy of the preacher's time-management skills. Wednesday morning and he already had Sunday's sermon written? I tip my hat to you, sir. I ran out of toilet paper last Thursday and I've been wiping my butt with paper towels ever since because I keep putting off running down to the neighborhood Food Lion.

Though I could probably win a 4th grade spelling bee. You, Rev. Tragety? Maybe not.


Nilsa S. said...

That is indeed too funny to pass up. Or maybe they save all their G's for the big man upstairs? hahaha.

So@24 said...

God hates Spellers

Kate said...

When I lived in NC, my sister and I took a drive to the coast via small towns and collected all kinds of church signage pictures. The good, the bad, the misspelled and the punny. NC is good for those church signs!

Maxie said...

haha I love it when people screw up stuff like this even though I have the worst spelling skills ever.

cccpups said...

Trust me to focus on what this blog entry is NOT about. If you keep using paper towels to wipe your butt, you are going to clog your pipes (literally, not figuratively), and they will back up. When they back up, the dogs will be in stinky heaven and you will be very, very sorry you didn't go to the Food Lion sooner. By the way, what a great name for a grocery store!

saratogajean said...

nilsa - As of today, they've taken ALL of the letters down. I feel partially responsible.

so - That explains a lot.

kate - You are so right; I had never noticed a church marquee until I moved here.

maxie - I hear you; I spell-checked this post like 50 times to make sure I didn't screw up any words.

cccpups - I finally went last night, because I was out of dog food. The dogs might eat paper towels (if I put peanut butter on them), but best not to test that theory. Talk about clogged pipes!

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