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Monday, November 17, 2008

Lauren wins BIG!!

My sister went on a gambling cruise this weekend. This is the email she sent me this morning when I asked how it went:

Hey sarah...we did go gambling and it was a terrible time...who would of thunk I'd get sick..darn motion sickness...i took 2 Dramamine but I still threw up..twice!! And lost 20 bucks! And then when we were getting off the boat it started torrentially raining on us..so I had to ride back from s.c soaking wet..and I wanted to just take my shirt off to let it dry, but thought it might me inappropriate since it was me, A, her brother and their mom..but I should of just did it..cause now I think I'm dying of pneumonia

Ooh, details please!

i was sitting at the slot machine, we had just hit international waters so we could finally start gambling and I told A that I was going to barf..i said "it's coming" and she said..well let me get u a bag...(a barf bag)...it seemed like an eternity before she came back, enough time for me to throw up 3 times in my mouth and have to swallow it back down...when she finally came strolling back up with the relief bag, I was pretty much done...but I had some spit I could pack the bag with. We then decided to move to the other side of the ship. I sat in the stool for about maybe 30 more minutes..when this old lady came and sat next to me..then I threw up by her...it didn't seem to faze her because she stayed and played some more..much to my disappointment..i wanted her to leave me be...when she finally moved I threw my 2nd and last barf bag away. At this time the swaying of the boat was making my eyes real heavy so I laid my head on my arms up on the front of the slot machines. Much to my amazement I fell asleep sitting in a backless stool swaying with the 3 ft swells of the ocean. I didn't wake up until an old black man sat next to me and woke me up. He then apologized for doing so, and I thought in my head...wtf? There are a million other open slots...but then I just went back to sleep. The boat finally turned around and we were going with the waves, so I felt slightly better. I moved over by A and her mom at the electronic poker seats and laid out there.

And her description of the ride home? Priceless.

Ya..5 hours on that boat...but after I threw up 2 times...i just laid on the slot machines and went to sleep. And what's really funny is I was trying to look cute on the trip because I have a secret crush on A's brother...but if u didn't know already...vomit=not cute. I had to learn the hard way...

Don't we all.


Dr Zibbs said...

That sucks. Glad it wasn't me.

Anonymous said...

But she only lost $20! That is nothing.

BrazenBareToe said...

OMG. The poor thing. Puking is the worst. The Hubs has a big sea sick problem too, this is why we never, ever go on cruises.

Arjewtino said...

I didn't think it was possible to NOT have a good time on a gambling cruise.

You learn something new everyday.

Anonymous said...

he didn't hold her hair back? tisk

Dingo said...

I hate to puke. Hate it, hate it, hate it. But at least she was wearing a cute little triangle dress while doing so. I'm sure even though she was puking, A's brother thought she was hawt!

So@24 said...

Sure. "Motion sickness".

-makes drinky, drinky gesture-

So@24 said...

Your sister doesn't have a single blonde streak in her hair? What gives?

saratogajean said...

dr. zibbs - You and me both, brother.

lemmonex - I've definately paid more for less.

brazenbaretoe - I didn't think I got sea sick until I went out with some friends on their sail boat. It was a beautiful day, dolphins frolicking in the bow waves...and me barfing over the side of the boat, trying to keep down pretzel rods and diet coke.

arjewtino - I learned never to go on a casino cruise with my sister, that's for sure.

helmet - Chivalry is dead.

dingo - I don't mind puking; it's the unending nausea that I hate.

P.S. Triangle dresses are so in this season.

so - I have my theories abound what goes on in "international waters."

As far as the blonde streak goes...it's my signature. Otherwise, how could you tell us apart? Eye color?

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