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Monday, November 3, 2008

Potatoes are cool, until the toppings fall off

I hope everyone had a kick-ass Halloween, because I sure did. I took SO's suggestion and went as a baked potato. My costume really stressed me out because I really didn't start on it until the Monday before Halloween, and I was still putting it together at 7:00pm Halloween night. But I think it came out all right:

...until people started pulling off my bacon bits and eating them.

We started out the night at a friend's house, where he served us "springbok" shots (1 part Creme de Menthe and 1 part Amarula) which looked disgusting but tasted like delicious mint chocolate chip ice cream.
There, Steve got beat up by Boxxy Brown:

There were a lot of awesome costumes downtown.

That's all for now; more to come. Happy Monday!


Dr Zibbs said...

Love the Elephant Man costume.

Kristen said...

Golden shower! Ha, ha, ha, ha!!

Your costume is adorable! Love it.

Nilsa said...

I want one of those shots - sounds yummy!

saratogajean said...

dr zibbs - I was really creeped out by him at first; but after I had taken about 17 pictures of him over my shoulder, I had to get a good one.

kristen - She even had a golden showerhead. I was impressed.

nilsa - I was skeptical, but they were delicious. I went back for seconds (and thirds).

I-66 said...

The best costume I saw was the dude in the white garbage bag with "douche" written on the front. Guess what he was.

LBluca77 said...

Oh my god your costume is genius. Very creative.

saratogajean said...

I-66 - An asshole? Oh wait...

lbluca77 - Thank you. Although I did have to explain to everyone during the night that I was a potato, not a pile of vomit.

Kate said...

I don't get "Naughty Tea Bag." But we all know how backwards I am to begin with.

So@24 said...

Oh mo my God.

You actually went as a baked potato.

Do you know how long I've been suggesting this idea? Check the very last line of this post back in October of 2007!


I love you.

saratogajean said...

kate - I didn't really get the "naughty" part either, because she didn't go around putting her tea bags on anyone's face or anything.

But I did have a fun time helping Julie make the costume. She found spiders in her leaves, and not the good kind.

so - I feel like I should give you a prize for suggesting such a rad costume. I got lots of compliments and didn't see one other person in my same costume.

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